Arts Festival 2005

About 80 villagers contributed to the festival. Some people contributed in more than one way, so there is some double-counting, but 48 people helped during the festival with organising, catering, stewarding or greeting guests.  Over 20 took part in the villagers visual art exhibition and there were 19 flower arrangers.  This is particularly encouraging as it suggests we are achieving our underlying objective of community-building.   In addition, 140 children from Mattishall and Garvestone schools took part in the workshops run for the festival by Liz McGowan.

The major costs of the festival were met by generous funding and sponsorship from local and national charities, local councils, the lottery and local businesses. The festival raised income from advertising in the programme, sales of the programme, commission on sales of art, catering, sales of concert tickets.

The total number of visitors to all the events of Welborne Arts Festival 2005 was around 800, more than ever before.



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